Natural Organic Russia

ECO Lab - “Active lifting” Face and Neck Cream

44.90 $

Lovecoil - Saturated serum in oil “Skin Perfector”

54.20 $

“Vitamins Booster” - Cedar Nut Oil

47.60 $

I believe in nature and that it gave us all we need for the best quality life, health and preservation of youth.

Cosmetics product line in the shop is organic, created from natural ingredients that have scientifically proven their effect in skin care cosmetics. Each product and formula have been checked for its safety and effectiveness. Face massagers are made of mineral stones that have great benefits for the skin health. Combining Face Yoga exercises, face massages and natural cosmetics is the best care you can provide for your skin to stay young and healthy, prevent and/or reverse aging.

I am happy to be able to offer you this product line because I am using them for years and now you can try them too and have beautiful healthy skin naturally. Your skin is going to love it ❤