Face Yoga VS Botox: The Effectiveness of Natural Facelift

It’s known that we all seek for overnight solution for everything and in reversing aging too. Easier way is to go to the doctor and inject Botox and get younger skin immediately, but what are the consequences?

Did you know that Botox is injectable neuro toxin?

Injecting Botox is injecting poison into healthy tissue and that might cause immediate side-effects, or they might appear years later. It’s like with the drugs, when you take them first time you might feel great but what happens when you continue to use them, and they start to affect your health?

Immediate general side-effects are allergic reactions, swelling, rash, itching, headache, neck or back pain, difficulty swallowing, etc. Injection local site reactions might be bruising, bleeding, redness, swelling or infection. And if you are lucky not to get any of these, fact is that with time and by repeating injections, your muscles become stiff and swollen, you lose possibility for facial expressions, and you lose natural look.  

Face Yoga has same effect as Botox, but it is healthy, scientifically proven, natural facelift and safe method to keep your skin and face younger or rejuvenated.

Did you know that by practicing Face Yoga daily you can have visible results in just 2 weeks? Imagine what can be the result after one year of daily practicing. You need 30 min of your day for face exercises and if you have more time, than even better, you will get natural facelift results faster. Wonderful thing is that Face Yoga results are timeless, if you continue to practice. You can do face exercises even several times per day, 5 or 10 min several times per day, while you’re driving, waiting on the traffic light or in the traffic jam, while you are cooking, watching a movie or playing with your kids and what is most important is that it is fun!

Face Yoga has many mental benefits too, it relaxes, releases tension, centers mind, calms down, gives you confidence because you like what you see in the mirror and satisfaction and fulfilment because you did it by yourself.

What will you choose?