Hi, my name is Ivana Mrkalj
and I am Face Yoga certified instructor. If you want to learn Face Yoga, the best way is to learn
from a specialist.


My name is Ivana Mrkalj and I am certified Face Yoga teacher by Face Yoga Method - Fumiko Takatsu. I help women to feel good about themselves by having younger, healthier, glowing, lifted face and skin.

We all know how much women worry about aging and how much we invest in anti-aging products and facials and Face Yoga is so much more than that.

Holistic and natural approach in skincare was always my interest and I studied and read a lot about it, took educational courses to know even more. I use that knowledge in my own skincare routine and adding Face Yoga to it just made it all even more effective, long-lasting and fun.

Face Yoga changed my life, and it can also change yours.


year 2016

year 2020


My favorite anti-age skin care products are Lovecoil serum in oil and cold pressed Cedar oil, completely natural organic cosmetics

Natural anti-age routine for the best possible results includes the combination of Face Yoga exercises and face massages

Make sure that your face cleaning daily routine is a proper routine and that you’re doing it right

I discovered Face Yoga a couple of years ago. I started practicing it and saw the results on my own face very soon. Facial exercises made my face younger and made me very happy. I became more confident and I wanted to help other women to feel that way to. I am 40 years old, I’m a mother and a business woman, and I never thought this will be my professional career, but I fell in love with Face Yoga and decided to make it my career, because I love teaching women and guiding them on their way to postpone aging by ageing slower, better and gracefully naturally.

Working with people, especially with women, teaching them Face Yoga, Face massage and holistic skincare and seeing their happiness when they reach their goals, gives me certainty that I’ve chosen the right career.

My career goal is to share my knowledge with as many women as possible and watch them becoming beautiful inside out and loving their own reflection in the mirror.